How to care for your Jewellery

Made with love and attention, the same meticulous selection process we follow for selecting diamonds and crafting perfect settings goes into all our jewellery. From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and cufflinks, each of our pieces is designed to stand the test of time, and provide lasting memories for years to come.


To keep your beautiful jewellery looking its best, we recommend that you always put your jewellery on after applying make-up, perfume and hair products, and that you remove your jewellery before showering or swimming as soap can leave a film on the surface and chlorine can permanently damage or discolour your gold jewellery.

You should remove your jewellery before doing any housework or manual labour, and gems and pearls should be handled as little as possible to prevent the natural oils in your skin making them dull.

Individual pieces of jewellery should be wrapped in tissue or cloth, or placed in separate compartments in a jewellery box to prevent them becoming scratched or tangled, and special care should be taken with pearls as they are very soft and delicate and can be scratched very easily.