Handcrafted Pendants

Little can match the look, quality and uniqueness of handcrafted jewellery. At British Jewellery Workshops, our handcrafted pendants are nothing short of stunning.


Our experienced artisans use time-honoured techniques to create pieces that will start a conversation. All of the pendants we craft are made in our Birmingham workshop to strict standards of quality and design. Whether you desire the latest style or long for a vintage feel, our pendants are sure to please.


A Personal Gift


Finding that ideal gift for someone special is no easy task. But when you give a pendant, you are letting them know what they mean to you. Our selection of handcrafted pendants is broad, but you will discover that the right one for you is there. And if not, you can always explore our bespoke options.


Why Choose British Jewellery Workshops?


We are specialists in the creation of gold and silver jewellery. Our distinctive pieces are made with traditional methods including engine turning, hand engraving and enamelling that you won’t find on mass-produced jewellery.


When hand-made by an artisan, jewellery takes on a look and feel that’s entirely different from imported pieces. As well, the attention to quality that handmade jewellery receives is simply not possible with modern means of mass production.


Browse Our Collections or Contact Us


Every client we work enjoys our full attention, and we are proud to share our 30-year history with you. Whether you want to treat yourself to a special piece of jewellery or want to give that perfect wedding, anniversary, graduation or other gift, our selection of handcrafted pendants is sure to please. If you have any questions about the range of pendants or other jewellery we offer, we encourage you to get in touch with us via the contact page. Simply fill in your details, and we will be glad to get in touch.