Bespoke Pendants

One of the things that make British Jewellery Workshops stand out is the fact that we offer a range of bespoke pendants. A bespoke pendant can be the perfect gift for that loved one who is difficult to buy for. But it can also be a very personal gift, perfect for that anniversary or birthday. Our bespoke pendants can be made in any style, be any size and be made to fit any length of chain.


Whether you wish to have some engraving done, have one or more precious stones put in or have a unique shape in mind, our artisans can make your dream a reality. You can have a pendant-sized replica of a beloved pet, or have your family crest engraved inside a lovely swing locket. You can even go super-contemporary with the latest in design. Regardless of what you desire, the result will be a unique piece that no one else has. And that can be a gift in itself.


A Different Level of Focus


Quality is the focus when choosing bespoke jewellery. This is because the creation of a one-off piece involves a different level of focus and care than jewellery that’s being mass-produced. Each bespoke pendant that British Jewellery Workshops makes is treated in the same way that any work of art would be treated. Every piece provides the artisan with an opportunity to represent their craft.


Why Not Treat Yourself Or a Loved One?


Our method of working with our clients ensures that quality, craftsmanship and dedication go into each piece. Our on-site Birmingham factory has been our home for over 30 years. Why not treat yourself or someone you love to a lovely bespoke pendant?


We welcome all enquiries. You can email us on to get in touch with our team of artisans, or call us on 0121 523 5575. Or, why not browse our previously-crafted pieces to get some inspiration? We are excited to help you create your dream pendant.