Bespoke Charms


Is there anything more beautiful than a bespoke charm? Our bespoke charms are all lovely, not to mention incredibly precious to all who receive them. A charm can represent a beloved object, pet or relative. Wearing a charm is a wonderful way to bring the things we love with us, no matter where we may roam. And the more we have, the prettier they look.


The artisans at British Jewellery Workshops are devoted to their craft. Their expertly-made charms can signify anything from a finger or footprint to a special message. Really, the only limit is your imagination! The charms we create can be made to fit any type of bracelet so that you can wear endless combinations on several bracelet styles.


Perfect Gifts for Special Occasions


There is nothing like a bespoke charm. Because it is a one-off piece, your charm can turn heads and start a conversation. Or, it can be created especially for a loved one on their special day, whether for a wedding, graduation or First Communion. And it also makes gift-giving very easy; you can present a new and unique bespoke charm on every birthday, anniversary or another special life event!


High-Quality Pieces


The level of quality that British Jewellery Workshops is consistently able to achieve with the bespoke pieces they help clients to create means that they are built to last. This allows you peace of mind, knowing that all pieces that you order from us can be handed down to generations of your family to enjoy, or given as a highly personal expression of your love and gratitude. Or, you can always treat yourself!


As Us about Our Bespoke Charms


You can browse our previously-created bespoke charms or email us on to share your wonderful idea. You can also call us on 0121 523 5575 to speak with one of our team members directly. We are excited about helping you create your very special gift!