Heritage British Jewellery

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Britain’s rich and storied history has many landmarks and memorable symbols. Stonehenge, crosses and Celtic knotwork all echo the past. As part of a living tradition of jewellery design, we have chosen to incorporate these powerful historical symbols into our Heritage British Jewellery line.


Drawing on historical patterns and designs, British Jewellery Workshops create pendants, rings, necklaces, lockets and more. These exclusive pieces are created by hand in our Birmingham workshop by qualified craftspeople using traditional methods. The Heritage British Line offers something for both men and women, reminding the wearer that the past may be gone, but that the story of our country is never forgotten.


Benefit From 30 Years of Craftsmanship

What makes the pieces we create at British Jewellery Workshops different from those you can find in your local store? Our artisans use traditional skills. These include enamelling, ornamental hand engraving and engine turning; skills that are very rarely used in the mass-production of much of today’s jewellery.


As well, our artisans place their full attention on each piece, ensuring that each one will be built to last and to enjoy for years to come. The result is a beautiful heritage piece that can be handed down through the generations, or given to a special someone to show your love. Of course, you can also give our stunning heritage jewellery as a well-deserved gift to yourself.


Browse our Heritage British Jewellery or Get In Touch

You can click here to get started with browsing our Heritage British Jewellery line of pieces. Or, if you have questions about our jewellery-making process, availability of pieces or how to order, you can contact us here. You can also send us email directly at info@davranjewellery.co.uk.


If you cannot find what you seek in our Heritage British Jewellery line, you can contact us about our bespoke options. We are dedicated to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and look forward to hearing from you.