Handmade Jewellery In Gold, Platinum & Silver

At British Jewellery Workshops we specialise in handmade gold, platinum and silver jewellery pieces. The creation of handcrafted jewellery is an art form that dates back to the beginning of civilisation. While materials, fashions and techniques have advanced through the ages, jewellery’s intrinsic ability to tell a story remains constant, brought to life by quality, beauty and the maker’s identification marks.

Time Honoured Traditional Techniques

At British Jewellery Workshops our skilled artisans are passionate about preserving time honoured traditional jewellery making techniques, including; lost wax metal casting, hand soldering, finishing and polishing. Each piece of jewellery we create embodies skill, accuracy, patience and dedication; the first chapter in a story of lifelong adornment and pleasure.

Heritage Skills

Many of our designs incorporate traditional heritage skills, currently at risk of being lost in a modern industry of impersonal mass production. Taking inspiration from timeless classic designs of past eras, our artisans are skilled in the intricate crafts of enamelling, ornamental hand engraving and engine turning.

We create beautiful, unique and permanent finishes - transforming precious materials into personalised, extraordinary and valuable works of wearable art.

Marrying Traditional Craftsmanship With Modern Technology

While our artisans take pride in traditional craftsmanship, our designers take full advantage of modern technology, using CAD software to develop new ideas and bespoke concepts into virtual models.

Over 30 Years Of Fine Craftsmanship

At British Jewellery Workshops, we have over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of fine gold, silver and platinum jewellery. Our highly trained artisans devote their full concentration and skill into each individual piece. So, whether you select a design from our exquisite range of handmade jewellery, or commission a unique design, your choice will be lovingly handcrafted and beautifully finished at our factory located in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.