Bespoke Crosses


To millions of Christians around the world, the cross represents the greatest love and self-sacrifice. This powerful visual reminder of love serves as a witness of the world’s hope. It also reminds us of the strength within us to bear our own crosses, as well as reminds us to understand the crosses others bear, and help them whenever we can.


When worn as a pendant, the cross becomes a very personal item. As such, it makes for a wonderful way to celebrate a loved one’s wedding, graduation, baptism, confirmation or other important life events.


There are many styles of the cross to complement all occasions. And British Jewellery Workshops is proud to offer bespoke crosses. Our crosses are painstakingly designed and created with your exact specifications in mind so that you can be ensured that your gift is special.


A Personal Touch


When you work with one of our artisans to create your ideal piece, there is no need to deal with a middleman. You can freely share your vision with a skilled professional that’s qualified to bring it to life. Not only that, but connecting directly with an artisan means that you can know how your piece will be made, from which location the materials have been sourced, as well as the kinds of working conditions your piece will have been created under.


Get Your Ideal Bespoke Cross Today


We’d love to hear your unique ideas for your bespoke cross, whether you plan to purchase it for a loved one or as a personal gift to yourself. You can contact us at any time with your questions by emailing us on You can also get your questions answered by calling us directly on 0121 523 5575. We are glad to help you create a beautiful bespoke cross for your special purpose!