Bespoke Jewellery From British Jewellery Workshops

Bespoke Jewellery Handcrafted To Your Specifications

At British Jewellery Workshops, we offer a custom service to bring your jewellery concepts to reality. Our expert team of jewellery designers and skilled artisans will involve you at every stage, to ensure total delight and satisfaction with the finished result.

From the recreation of heirloom pieces, to the incorporation of existing stones into personalised engagement and wedding rings, our highly skilled designers can work with your existing ideas, or create entirely new designs based on your individual requirements.

Bespoke Jewellery Designs Brought To Life

Our talented jewellery designers use the latest CAD design software to create digitally rendered images, based on your descriptions, ideas, drawings, photographs, or from existing pieces of jewellery.

Once we’ve discussed your ideas we will provide fully transparent pricing to reflect the cost of the design, artwork, pattern, materials and craftsmanship involved. We will also provide you with a lead time for the design and manufacture process.

If recreating an existing piece, a 3d scan is performed to create a digital replica. Once the final design has been approved a 3D wax model of your jewellery is produced. Once the final design and materials have been approved, our skilled artisans will expertly craft and finish your commissioned piece using traditional time honoured techniques.

Unique, Personal, Beautiful

Commissioning a bespoke piece is exciting and rewarding. To take your first steps towards creating a unique, personal and beautiful piece of fine jewellery, speak to one of our friendly team on 0121 523 5575, to discuss your ideas.