Bespoke Gold

Are you having trouble finding that perfect piece of jewellery for a special occasion? Choosing bespoke gold jewellery can present a solution. The service that British Jewellery Workshops provides can range from contemporary design to traditional elegance; there is no limit to the creativity that can go into our pieces. Because it’s bespoke, you get the opportunity to be present and involved at each step of the process. We help you design a piece of gold jewellery that no one else can say they have, handmade and designed to your unique and specific requirements.


You’ll enjoy participating in every stage, from the discussion about your idea to the look and feel of your final piece. Our artisans ensure that your experience is as special as the piece of jewellery you wish us to design. And if you need help, our team is there to give you all of the assistance you need.


Is It Expensive?


Although quality work won’t be set at the lowest price possible, bespoke jewellery is not necessarily expensive. We are always ready to reveal all of the components that contribute to the final price of our pieces so that you always get what you pay for. Your final price will include design, artwork, pattern and other tasks involved in the setup. It also includes the gold and craftsmanship you will receive from a trained and talented artisan.


Are You Ready To Share Your Idea?


If you’re ready to share your idea for a bespoke gold piece, we are excited to help you get started! You can email us anytime on, or you can speak with one of our team one to one by calling us on 0121 523 5575. No idea is too great or small; we guarantee you will be satisfied and pleasantly surprised when you place your bespoke gold idea in the hands of our talented team.